Before hiring your next development team, ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I know with confidence that I am choosing the right team for the job?

  • What is a fair price for my request?

  • When do I really need to spend on a top-tier developer?

  • How can I make sure real progress is being made while they work on my website?

  • Is this easier to complete than I am imagining? Can I do it on my own?  

  • Are my goals realistic? My deadline?

And most importantly…

  • Is my development request the best investment I can make to help me reach my goals?


Get The Answers You Need Before Your Next Projects:

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Introducing The One and Only Customization Consultation service pack

Spend an hour with Patrick and go over your project in detail. From there, Patrick will help optimize your scope so it can be clearly understand by development teams so you can get accurate quotes. Patrick will help negotiate with developers that work within your budget and will help negotiate the best best for you.